Xfinity “Always On” Social

Here are some highlights from a year and a half of trying to create fun, shareable content for one of America's most hated brands.


We invented products that would improve the binge-watching experience…if only they existed.

The Wearable Couch


The Bark Remote


The Couch Zamboni


Theme Song Remixes:

We gave new life to some classic theme songs.


We impressed the original composer of the Power Rangers Theme Song:


X1 Stranger Remote:

We highlighted Netflix’s integration into Xfinity X1 by creating a mouth-watering product customers could use to turn on Stranger Things season 2.



We rewarded people for something they aren’t praised for enough.


The Great Indoors:

We treated the indoors like a tourist destination.



We gave people some attainable New Year’s resolutions.


CDs: Laura Petrucelli, Rohan Cooke, Eamonn Dixon, Daniel Grech
ART DIRECTOR: Michael Kang