The Campaign:


The Story:

One great thing about Goodby, Silverstein & Partners is that when the agency loves an idea, they go all in.

This idea started as a simple social post I came up with for Xfinity called, “A Dream Revamped.” We wanted to colorize the speech and make it available on social media and X1 as an MLK birthday present from Xfinity.

When presenting it to my creative directors, I talked about how, when I used to live in Washington DC, I would sometimes bike to Lincoln Memorial and stand on the small square that marks the spot where MLK made his historic speech, and feel overcome with emotion. I talked about wanting to give this feeling to people in some way.

They said we should make it bigger. So we did.


Over the course of almost 2 years, this idea has gone through:

-7 meetings with Comcast.

-2 emails sent from Jeff Goodby to the CEO of Samsung that were never returned.

-1 meeting with Oculus Rift and Facebook.

-1 meeting with NY Times.

-2 meetings with Intel.

-2 meetings with Google.

We’re still pushing…